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Google PageSpeed

It's a known fact that Google factors page speed into its algorithm. It currently affects mobile rankings more than desktop but that could change at any point. Still it's an area that most SEO's don't quite understand how deal with. Google provides a great tool called PageSpeed Insights to help webmasters address the issue, however few do.

My challenge was how to improve a particular site's score of 31/100 Desktop, 25/100 Mobile. Do to the corporate structures of this well established site, meetings and forwarded documentation didn't really go too far beyond image optimization. Finally I decided to use the site design as a mockup and rebuild the Desktop version from scratch.

The resulting score was a 99/100!

This one is still a work in progress but by creating this appearingly mirror image of the site with a drastically better score, I can now leverage the information to help facilitate the specific changes that need to happen.

Bad Geo-Targeting

One of the first things I do when working with a client that has an existing Pay-Per-Click (PPC) account, is to take a look at the settings. If the client's target market is in Orlando, they probably don't need to be spending money in View Nam. That was exactly the case with one of my clients. Their service area is concentrated in the Metro Orlando area and occassionally extends out to the south-eastern US. They do not have any business outside the US. However after a quick examination of their account, they were targeting the entire world and consequently spending more than half of their money outside the US. France, Viet Nam, and Greece were there top spending countries. There were inefficiencies in other areas, but this was the biggest wasted area.

Wrong Keywords

Another client (and this is more common) was spending the majority of their budget on a few keywords. I was able to get a conversion snippet of code added to the thank you page and determine that while these particular keywords spent most of the money, they drove absolutely no leads.... zero, zip, nadda, none! Adjusting the spend to keywords that did convert, made me an instant hero with them. Cost went down and leads went up. It's a great looking chart.


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